What’s on My Website: Changes, Updates, and Highlights

It’s almost 2 months since I launched my website and I could say that it is doing good for a newly created website. During this period, I spent most of my time developing and improving its design and functions.

As you will notice, I rarely publish on the platforms that I use this month. It’s because I want to focus on my website’s function and interface. I even have a few posts on it.

But today, I am ready to post regularly and make content after doing the changes and updates.

My Website’s Changes, Updates, and Highlights

What's on my website: Changes, Updates, and Highlights


I decided to change the theme of my website from Eisai theme to Minimalist Blogger then the final is Astra.

I launched my website with this mindset: I want it to be minimalist. The Eisai theme is what I found, but by asking other bloggers on the internet and observing their websites, I found out that most of them are using a well-themed website.

I decided to change it to Minimalist Blogger, it is fine. But I am uncomfortable with it. I feel that it is an old-fashioned theme.

Then I go to Astra. It has the largest amount of downloads from the themes in WordPress.

If it has the largest amount of downloads, then I should use it. It means many people are trusting the theme…it could be SEO friendly. Then I go for it.

What I love the most about Astra is its font. The font has a pleasant and minimalist look yet it is easy to read. I adjusted the font size using simple codes in CSS because it was small.

I don’t like to rely that much on my taste and preference, I want to provide value to my readers where they can read the blog easily and navigate the whole website with ease.

Niche and categories

Before starting a website, you should know your niche. I am a multi-niche writer, but I usually write about self-development, making money online, blogging and writing, and how-to articles.

It is important to know your niche. I read a story from Medium where he shared how his website failed after years of hard work. The reason is that he talks on the subject that he has literally no background. 



I am not a psychologist, I don’t study psychology. So most of my self-development blogs are about my experience, personal, and the lessons that I learned from self-help books.

I am still learning. I read books, blogs, stories, and articles by other writers. My job is to explain and elaborate everything simpler.

Making money online

Make money online

I have been using several platforms where I could earn money and I want to share the things and experiences that I learned while looking for a new opportunity to earn money.

I had a lot of experiences – I have been looking for gigs since 8th Grade.

Blogging and Writing

Writing and blogging

I have been writing for nearly two years, and I learned simple tips and advice from successful bloggers on the internet. 

I want to share this with everyone. But of course, I will also share the things that I know will be more helpful to everyone.

How To

How to (technical writing)

The Internet is the place of information, and most people who are new to something tend to search for information on the internet before doing it.

My goal is to provide how-to blogs and articles that will help them. 


After the changes, I also made new updates to my website so the readers can easily navigate it.

Back-to-top feature

If the blog is too long, it’s hard to go back on top after reading. This is why I decided to put a back-to-top icon in the lower right of the screen.

You can easily click it and the page will automatically swipe up to the heading. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, the arrow button is not appearing so the back to the top is like a small circle, but you can easily tap it anyway.

Table of contents

Who will not like this feature? The table of contents will serve as the overview of the whole blog post. 

In my posted blog about How to write a blog that will make your post organized, I mentioned that having an overview of your blog post is important. It will make the audience curious and read your blog. I also shared an article template that you can follow in writing your blog posts.

Also read: How to Write a Blog That Will Make Your Post Organized

Social sharing

I want to grow the audience of my website, and I want to make it easy for the readers to share the information that they learned.

So, I decided to put social sharing icons at the end of the post that they want to share. It is simple and easy. By clicking the icons, you will automatically be redirected to the specific social media that you clicked. Then the title of the post including the link will be written on the typing input.

There is also a like button to show your support by liking the post.

Go ahead and try this feature!


During this period, I achieved something on my website. This is just the beginning, hoping for more achievements together with the readers.

Reaching 500 views

And the final moment, I can’t believe that my website is just nearly 2 months old but I already reached the 500 views mark.

I believe that it was from direct link and promotion content, but it is still an achievement for me.

Releasing my first e-book

This has already been planned for a long time but I am too lazy to write it. Then I learned that onboarding on Hive is making noise, so I continued to write it. Hive is also the main subject of my e-book since the beginning.

Luckily, 19 people got my e-book (the total is 21, but 2 of these are mine for testing purposes).

I am glad that some people had good feedback about the ebook. There’s also a user (@beststart) who gave a $1.00 tip for the e-book. 

What’s more?

I am still in the early stages of managing my website. But I have more plans for it.

Mind++ Newsletter

I am planning to start sending issues to my newsletter subscribers. I have few subscribers, but I want to provide value to them. Here are the things that you should expect in my newsletter:

  • Weekly prompts and challenges.
  • Short blog posts that you will like.
  • …and maybe other surprises.

My target date is between August and September 2022. I want to assure my schedule first before starting so I can be consistent on sending issues.

The main reason for this newsletter is to motivate writers to write and prevent writer’s block.

I know that you are excited, so feel free to subscribe and read more information about the Mind++ newsletter on my page.

Featured reviews on my homepage

Everyone can be featured on my website by submitting a review. This is not mandatory, it depends on you.

I am starting to collect reviews and feedback about the e-book that I released and the contents that I produced. It is fine to submit a negative review if you mean it.

Final say

I don’t rush things. I am continually improving everything while balancing my schedule and time. 

As of now, I am focusing on SEO and indexing to search engines so my blogs will appear on Google searches. 

There are more things to do on my website, and I know that it will be a long journey.

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