Who Motivates Me to Pursue Writing and Build My Website

How did the person that motivates you changed your perspective?

There will always be someone who motivates us to continue and pursue our passion. It could be your family, friends, relatives, or it is just your passion. 

Writing was not my passion, but I started to pursue it. There is a reason behind this. There is an inspiration and motivation behind my act. 

One day, while I was scrolling on YouTube, there was a video that caught my attention, it was about productivity. I like his videos, I visited his channel, and binge-watched the videos. Until I saw this title: “How Writing Online Made me a Millionaire”.

Who wouldn’t like to become a millionaire? I opened the video, watched, and for about a 16-minute video, I was like a customer who was talking to a salesman. 

I got caught by his words, I was inspired and motivated. It added to my reasons why I should pursue writing as a career.

Since then, I always watch his videos. He is not a fake influencer who just loves getting views. His story was inspiring.

Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber who talks about life and some productivity. I love the way he presents his videos; I feel that it is not fake and not a clickbait.

On his vlog about being a millionaire by writing, he said documenting is one of the best things that he did in his early age. The future you will be grateful to himself when he reads his journal and documentation.

In that case, you can start building your website and then share your thoughts through blogging and writing. It could be the best way to journal your life. 

And here’s the thing, through your website, the people who read it can discover you, have some conversation, and give you a side-hustle or freelance job. It will be the start of your career, build your portfolio, and have potential clients.

Somehow, his reasons motivate me to start my own. He said do not stress yourself with the SEO, it could be true – if it is just your personal website and portfolio – which is my real purpose why I built my website. 

I started my website to become a professional writer someday. I want to be a freelance writer and become successful with the help of writing. 

My personal website will become my portfolio and will make my online presence stronger. Even Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, was a blogger. He took the risk of writing rather than working (with the work that he did not enjoy).

Soon, he realized that he chose the best choice; he became successful.

I am not dreaming, I am manifesting. I am not wishing to become the richest, I just want to tell myself that I took the right path. 

All of this is because of Ali, I became a subscriber who always watches his videos. I am even planning to read most of the books that he read. I am going to buy the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon which he says, “the book that changed my life”. And if my memory serves me right, it is one of his favorite books.

I am not a fanatic or stalker – don’t get me wrong – it is just I watched his videos and learned from him. 

It was my personal decision to build my website. I was also planning to do it back then, his videos just pushed my gut to do it. After all, I think I won’t regret it. Some people said I spent a lot – yes, but I believe that it will help me from a long term perspective.

It could be priceless in the future. After the effort that I did from my website, I don’t think I will give it up easily. I have few views, but it’s fine, it is just the beginning.

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