Hi, I am Mark Laurence, your SEO Strategist and Freelance Writer with over 3 years of experience

They said being a student has a lot of privilege and time to get more side hustle and earn money, but they are wrong. As a student who is always struggling financially, I am always looking for ways to earn money online.

Believe it or not, I have tried a lot of ways to earn money. I bet that most of us have tried:

  • Joining survey sites and getting paid
  • Writing and translating captchas
  • Playing games and converting points to earn
  • And many more!

There are a lot of things to mention that I have tried, some of them worked, but most did not. Until I came across writing and blogging. It was not my passion, but by adding it to my habits, I realized that it can make you money.

Experienced SEO freelancer with 3 years of experience helping students and start-ups achieve online success

This blog will be the space for everyone who wants to learn about earning money, personal finance, productivity, and freelancing. Given my experience in writing and SEO, I can guide you to become successful online and start enhancing your online presence.

Quick Facts About Me

📖 I love reading books about business, marketing, finance, money, and personal development. I also read fictional books and novels from Wattpad during my high school days.

🌐 I launched this website last June 2022 to pursue my writing and blogging career. It gives me the privilege to share my knowledge about my niche.

✉️ I am sending weekly newsletters to my subscribers including exclusive content that will help them with personal growth, business, and growing their social media account.

💰 I already earned more than $1,000 as a student by just blogging and different side hustles.

📓 In July 2022, I launched my first FREE e-book about Hive: How to Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide).

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