Who is Mark Laurence Oabel

Mark Laurence is a blogger who writes about self-development, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and making money online.

His writing career started during the pandemic in the year 2020 where he writes on several online communities like Medium and Hive, a Web 3.0 blockchain-based blogging platform.

He had an experience in guesting on podcasts and talks about career after college.

Decided to take this path to share his knowledge in a specific niche and express his thoughts and ideas through writing. He believes that this passion will help him to know more about himself while giving value to the community.

During the pandemic, I felt the isolation from reality and decided to explore different things and one of them is blogging. My journey has never been easy. No one read my works at the beginning until I learned about search engine optimization and digital marketing.

I used my gained knowledge directly in my blogs and started to gain traction from potential audiences that soon converted into leads.

In July 2022, I released my first e-book entitled “How to: Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide)” which aims to give a guide to new bloggers on a blockchain-based blogging platform called Hive.

If you are struggling as a new blogger, you don’t have to quit. Let’s turn your writing passion into a money-making machine career.

This blog will help you to pitch in the blogging industry while generating a massive amount of money by doing your passion.

Start learning about search engine optimization and digital marketing to help you out of this “newbie” environment. Learn more about self-development and productivity by digging more about yourself.

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