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Workspace Management: How to Organize Your Digital Space

Struggling to organize your digital space? Whether you are using your mobile phone or your laptop, you must always organize your workspace to avoid any confusion while you are working. I always believe that having an organized workspace is a must to achieve digital minimalism.

Last time, I shared about how I declutter everything in my physical and digital space, but I realized that I haven’t shared my way of organizing everything.

This is not a secret; everyone knows how to organize everything, but they are not aware of how powerful this is. It is none other than FOLDERS.

Believe it or not, using a folder on your laptop is a powerful feature to keep you organized. I always use folders and sort everything depending on their categories. For example, I only have 1 folder on my desktop namely DESKTOP.

desktop wallpaper for digital space

I use this to organize everything, when you open it, there are more folders inside it depending on their categories.

my category folders; my digital space
  • GENERAL: This folder is for general use. I put the software and any documents that have general use in my life.
  • OTHERS: In this folder, I put the folders of the guests who use my laptop. This includes my friends, classmates, and other documents.
  • PERSONAL: As the word itself, this folder is for my personal use. This includes other personal, private, and other stuff. Mostly, this includes important documents that I shouldn’t share with others (I should not say this LOL!)
  • SCHOOL: I put the notes and folders for my school. For me, this is the most important folder in this device. I even bought this laptop for education purposes, which is why it has more folders, documents, and files inside this folder.
  • WORK: I also use this laptop mostly for my work. I am tired of using my phone in working and mostly, it is not applicable for working purposes. This is also the reason why I bought a laptop so I can use it for my work. For example, I use it in writing this blog because I find it more productive while typing on a laptop keyboard instead of using my mobile phone.

I find this a helpful habit if you want to keep your workspace organized. This way, you can always easily find the folders that you are looking for depending on your needs.

You can also separate your work from your school and personal space. For example, I separate my notes from school and the documents that I have from my work.

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Benefits of separating your personal, work, and school folders

school folder

Reduced search time

Instead of searching on your device for the document file that you are looking for, you can simply check the folder where it belongs depending on its category.

Imagine that you are looking for the document of your thesis paper and you have a disorganized digital space, you will have a hard time searching for it in different folders where you saved it.

On the other hand, if you have a separate folder for your school, you will know where you saved it and check the school folder immediately.

Improved workflow

When using organized folders, you can boost your productivity and switch between tasks without any confusion.

For example, if you are a virtual assistant, for sure that you have several files from your client.

You can easily switch between any files, software, and stuff that you are going to use while you are working.

Improved collaboration

If you are sharing your device with other people, you can avoid any confusion. I can relate to this because there are times that my friends are using my laptop and do some of their projects, by having an organized folder, we can easily separate each others’ files.

If you are looking for a sign to declutter your digital space, this is it!

Stop using your laptop in a disorganized way because it can cause stress, frustration, confusion, and lose your motivation.

Always remember that your environment and workspace matter to become productive!

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