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The New UI of Hive Keychain is Now Up: My Smooth Experience

I’ve been using the Brave browser when browsing Hive but then realized I can use the Hive keychain mobile app. I used the old version of the app and it was a bit lagging, but not bad. I decided to use it for safer browsing and avoid using Hive signer where the password was only saved from my browser.

I want to sign the transaction and take advantage of the features that the keychain offers. Then yesterday, when I updated the app, it had the same user interface as its Chrome extension version.

The font, background, and interface are fire and give a smooth experience while browsing the chain. It has the same features of entering the PIN code before accessing the app and biometrics for the extra layer of security.

Hive keychain app showing different themes and features.

I was a bit confused at first but I can tell what to press based on the icons. I tested the app immediately and browsed my InLeo account. I tried different front-ends it has different experiences, but both PeakD and InLeo function well.

I also tried opening Splinterlands and it also has a smooth transition on their website using the app. I can easily sign the transaction and save more time in clicking many times compared to using Hivesigner.

Hive keychain app dapps

However, since the app shows other second-layer tokens such as $LEO, I am quite unsure if its value is included in the USD value in my wallet. I hope there will be a feature where we can include/exclude their USD value on the shown in the wallet so we can easily track our balance.

By the way, I experienced a bug during my first update where I couldn’t click the lower left back button on the dApp browser, but this morning, I found out that I can now click it. It only shows how the devs are working well!

So that’s it! This is just a short review of using the Hive keychain mobile app. I mainly use this now instead of my regular Brave browser because I find it more helpful and smooth than using the latter.

If you are only using mobile, consider using the app because it gives a desktop feel and gives a smoother experience of using the blockchain.

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