My Website Is Live! What’s Inside and Get Featured

I still can’t believe that I will get this far as a blogger and self-proclaimed content writer. You see, if you are an avid reader from the beginning, you will know that writing is not my passion yet I took the risk of building a website to pursue my writing career. Some people said that building a website is not a risk, it makes sense, but I consider it as one because of the expenses of buying a domain and web hosting.

JaseMDF, a silent reader from, said on his blog “but along with that risk come countless other opportunities” and somehow, his thoughts made me think that my decision was not bad. He also talked about loss aversion and homeostasis which I found helpful to learn and reflect about risk.

So what exactly should you expect on my website?

I told myself that I will use this website to build my online presence and serve as the portfolio of my works. I will compile all of my blogs and other projects so everyone can access them and hopefully learn from it. This will also benefit me as I am planning to start becoming a freelance writer and get other side-hustle.

So, from now on, all of my blogs and articles will be published on my website first then attach the original link if I am going to republish it to another website where I am also writing so it will not be flagged as plagiarized content. 

Also, I will be uploading some of the good photos that I took since I also love photography. I am also attaching it to my blogs to make them more presentable and to avoid copyright.

Furthermore, I am going to post some exclusive content on my website. It will help me as a writer and also be part of monetizing my content. It will also be the way to drive some of my readers to my website for organic traffic. So basically, there are some parts of my blogs/articles that are not included on other platforms where I am writing but are only available on my website. It can be hacks or tips! We’ll see. 

But here’s the thing, the website is still in its early stage so more content will be available soon. Spoiler: I will add more pages to my website. And if you want to be the first one to know what it is, you can subscribe to Mind⁺⁺ Newsletter and I will send an email to you about the updates. It is also possible that you will get it for FREE.


Finally, I am going to monetize some of my content with the help of, to anyone who doesn’t know it, it is a WordPress plugin that you can use on your website. You can accept payment and donations using Bitcoin cash.  


Another one is that you can donate US dollars using the Ko-fi platform. By buying a coffee, you are supporting me as a writer and motivating me to write more on my website.


Where am I going to use these donations? I am planning to buy a laptop that will be helpful to me as a writer and student. So, give it a try!

Get featured on my website

Getting featured on other websites is tough, you have to work a lot for it. But on my website, you just need to leave a review about my works and you will be featured. Just make sure to include your email so I can send you an update once you get featured. 

But wait, there’s more! By leaving a comment and providing your email, you will get the benefits of receiving an email from me when I make an update on my website and projects. You will be the first one to know it!

You don’t have to give me a perfect score, just rate and curate my works then give the ratings that I deserve. Don’t be afraid of giving low ratings if you think I deserve it, I am always open to constructive criticism to improve my future works. Just leave your honest review on my review page.

Submit your review on my review page.

In conclusion, I don’t want to make my website very serious and look very professional. I want to put some touch of humor, I just want to be me and express my thoughts through writing. Also, as a reader, I think reading very serious content makes it boring to read. 

And finally, you will notice that I used a simple theme. It is because I don’t want to add unnecessary navigations. It will be hard for the readers to navigate the website. I am also a fan of minimalism! So not a lot of things on my screen are unpleasant to see.

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