4 Reasons Why You Should Love the Bear Market

Bear market is a pain in the ass, but how can we convert it to an opportunity? Many people don’t see this.

One of the main problems of the small investors is experiencing huge losses from their investments during the bear market. It is what usually happens during this season, but it is inevitable. The market is unpredictable. It is kinda discouraging especially if you are a beginner at investing.

But instead of overthinking and crying in front of your screen, why not try to convert your emotion into a good and bright one? I know that we are all rekt, we are financially broke, but this reason can make you optimistic; let’s call this optimism over reality.

This article will change your perception and point of view in the bear market. If you finish reading this, you will know:

  • What is a bear market?
  • 4 Reasons why you should love the bear market.
  • How these reasons will benefit you?

What is the bear market?

According to Investopedia, “A bear market is when a market experiences prolonged price declines.”

It is when the market is always down and barely moves upward…it is a pain in the ass.

4 Reasons why should you love bear market

There are several things that you can do during the bear market, but the following are what I do during the season.

This kind of market is undeniably frustrating and stressful, but it is part of investing…I call it as the beauty of the market. 

Instead of looking in your portfolio, you can use this time to look for another opportunity. You can start learning something new that will be helpful to you.

This is what I am doing, you see, I built my website, and it is new to me…this is my first time doing it. So, I am spending my time by customizing it. 

I am also trying to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so I can gain organic traffic from my website.

This could also be your time to practice your long-time dream; to play a guitar, but you don’t have the time to do it, hell yeah this is the right time to pursue it. Yes, this is your sign.

You see, a bear market means bloody in our pockets and assets, but we can use the time to grow ourselves by learning new things.

Not only this, grab the opportunity by interacting with your friends and family. We are all eaten by social media, technology, and cryptocurrency. So we often forget to connect in the outside world…in reality, not virtually.

Remember, part of your success is your connections, your network. It is important to build a connection with them by having a conversation. Building camaraderie is the best thing to do to get more exposure. Interact until your name rings their bell.

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Whenever you lose your motivation, talk to your family, talk to your friends. Maybe you just lack of interaction.

But, if you are a workaholic person – the person who loves working – you can take advantage of the bear market by grinding more on different side hustle, buying more assets, and enjoying the higher value of satoshi.

Look, buying at the lower price of Bitcoin will give you more satoshi than buying at the higher price.

It is a common mistake of people, they are discouraged and unmotivated when the market is red. They do not realize that they can get more satoshi during the season that will be more profitable in the bull market.

Furthermore, this is also the time to reflect on your past mistakes. It could be your poor risk management, lack of emotional control in investing, etc.

In my first year of trading, I just buy without  analyzing the market. Until all coins started to change their color from green to red. 

It was the time of realization that in trading, you have to analyze it well…the simple terminologies and basics will be your foundation to get a profit.

Nevertheless, I am happy that I  realized and reflect about my mistakes. I am glad to convert my negative emotions during the bear market into a good one.

On investing, cry babies are not allowed. You have to be bolder and think well before doing your  move. And if you made a mistake, take this as a lesson and replace your overthinking emotion into an opportunity.

Jack Ma once said, “when everyone is complaining, there is an opportunity.”

And I believe that the aforementioned reasons why you should love the bear market is the opportunity for you to grow and learn about the reality.


The bear market is bad for the pocket, but it could be a way for us to improve ourselves.

There are a lot of opportunities during this season, take it or cry? I would choose the former.

I am not looking at my portfolio during the bad season. I am using this opportunity to grind and find more side-hustle. 

Why not do the same? I am also rekt…but don’t be pessimistic.

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