5 Powerful Applications That Will Actually Boost Your Productivity

5 Powerful Applications That Will Actually Boost Your Productivity

Here’s the thing, the use of mobile applications or software is beneficial at work and in your studies especially if it has a creative user interface and concept.

In this article, you will know the 5 best productivity apps that are designed for everyone who loves to work productively.

These 5 free applications will boost your productivity

Boost your productivity with the use of these applications

Sometimes you feel lazy for the whole day and then overthink at the end of the day for not doing anything productive. You are not alone, I have been there since then until I found a way to overcome it.

I love learning about myself by experimenting with new ways to live productively. One of the best ways that I found was using mobile applications because it creates motivation for me every time I use them.

Here are the top 5 mobile applications that you can use to boost your productivity

Niagara Launcher

Believe it or not, using this home launcher will make every minimalist fall in love. The design of this launcher is minimalist, with the scroll feature, icons, folders, groups, etc. It will help you to keep your screen clean and minimalist.

Niagra Launcher: Minimalist Launcher that will boost your productivity

According to mindly, minimalism can make you more productive by focusing only on the things that you need and make sense of.

Niagara launcher made it. If you love digital minimalism, the use of this launcher is a must. I have been using this for months and so far, I never had an issue. 

You can use it for free or purchase a premium plan to use limited features for their subscribers. You can also put widgets on your screen such as your to-do list.

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Having a list of the things that you need to do for the whole day is a must if you really love to become productive. ToDoist is a mobile application that allows you to list everything that you need.

It has a very clean user interface, made and designed for minimalists. It is also a rich-feature application offering several features for free such as adding prioritization on your list, date, schedule, recurring tasks, and descriptions.

ToDoist: The most helpful to-do list app to boost your productivity

There are several features to use. In fact, you are also receiving points inside the application based on the habits and tasks that you have done.

Here’s the thing, you can schedule any time for your work-related stuff. This means you can use the app instead of having an actual calendar to manually type it.


I used this application months ago for habit tracking and it was a good experience. It is something like compiling all the habits that you want to pursue and continue, then you have to set your daily goal. After that, you have to check your list once you did it. It has also statistics for the habits that you have done.

Loop Habits: Start tracking your habits to boost your productivity

Having this app on your phone makes you more productive by pushing you to do your habits each day. Unless you want to lose your streak!


It is an app for note-taking. If you are a student, this will be beneficial for you to start your note-taking easily and bring it to the next level.

By downloading the app from the play store, you can start taking notes for free!

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. You will also enjoy its free tools and features such as importing photos and images, infinite canva, writing texts, and mind mapping.

Drawnotes: Start taking notes and boost your productivity

I mostly use this app for solving mathematics problems to save paper notes. It is also easy to erase and undo the previous mistakes that I have done.


This is not only for students but for everyone who loves note-taking and organizing tasks. Notion is a powerful tool to collaborate with your team and friends. I use this as my second brain by compiling my notes, to-do lists, tasks, projects, plans, journals, etc.

Notion: The one stop workspace to boost your productivity

Even successful people and companies use this. Also, many brands and popular YouTubers such as Ali Abdaal, the productive guy from YouTube use this. Trust me! You will be surprised by its quality and rich features.

Here’s the thing…

You can use Notion for free. The good thing here is that even if you are using the free version, you almost have the same benefits as paid users because of the available features from the free version.


There are several applications out there that can boost your productivity but these five are what really help me a lot. It can be valuable not only for me but to everyone. The rich features of these apps are beneficial to everyone who uses it. 

Pinterest - Boost your productivity with the use of these applications

However, despite having these applications, the decision and possible outcomes still lie in you. If you tried to use 100 apps, but you still choose to become lazy and procrastinate, it is not the app anymore but you.

Disclaimer: Some photos are from Google PlayStore.

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  1. Nice post. I used to love Notion, but have since required only a plain text editor that’s more responsive, and Obsidian has filled that gap. For me, being able to use the application offline is one such benefit!

    1. Seen a lot of people switching from Notion to Obsidian. Is it really good? And can we use it offline? Had some research but seen that you need to have a premium subscription to get the most out of it.

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