Changing Your Social Media to Become Productive

We are now more exposed to social media, thanks to the power of technology and the lack of self-discipline to control the usage of this secret killer of productivity

Social media is killing our productivity and letting us scroll through our feeds, resulting in wasting our time instead of using it for working and studying.

Thankfully, we can solve this problem with our help of ourselves by building a habit and self-discipline. I found this solution based on my experience and performance in discussing, writing, and learning. 

It is simple, changing the social media that I am using daily would be the best solution. I realized that the use of Quora and LinkedIn instead of Facebook and Instagram can make me more productive and enhance my knowledge.

This article will tell you:

  1. What are the social media alternatives that you can use to increase your productivity?
  2. Why should you pick the correct social media?
  3. How can you be more productive with these platforms?

So, if you will not skip any detail, I am sure that this article will help you to reflect and start to change your social media– just like I did.

An article from The Economic Times, says that “Social media also keeps a person busy without really doing much work.”

The way we usually spend our time on social media – sharing nonsense posts, watching scripted prank videos, etc – can distract a focused mind, which greatly impacts workplace productivity (Betterplace, 2021).

These studies made me think, “How can I be more productive and avoid these social media?” 

In recent days from this realization, I tried blocking the app that easily distracts me, this is possible with the help of the Block app

It blocks the app when I am going to use it. It also controls the notification where selected apps – that you set up – will not send you notifications during the block time and your work hours.

However, I feel that it is not enough to control myself and become productive. So, I decided to change my social media from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Quora.

This decision made me happy because, in a short period of time, I feel more productive than before and learn to grow my audience, expand my network, and enhance my knowledge.

Become productive: Be mindful of choosing the platform that you will use, be productive, and surround yourself with great people.

It is hard to grow your followers and connections, but wait, your main goal is to increase your productivity. The followers will grow over time as well as your good habits.

The study by the lead author Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist, and researcher, states that “simply talking to other people, the way you do when you’re making friends, can provide mental benefits.”

Like in Quora, you can interact and discuss the topic that you are interested in with people with the same interest as you. This is possible by reading, asking, and answering questions directly from the platform.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is the place for professional and successful people wherein most of the content given by them is knowledgeable and helpful blogs and articles. Unlike other social media, fake news and toxicity are inevitable.

Now that you already know the benefits of the aforementioned platforms, you can start optimizing your social media and lessen the usage of other platforms. 

Start discussing and connecting with professional people so you will learn and be inspired by them.


Our system is now eaten by social media, but the question is, are you using the right platform?

Using Quora and LinkedIn will help you to increase your productivity, network, and knowledge. 

Finally, choosing the correct platform to use can help you, maybe all of them can make you productive, but you are just using it in the wrong way. 

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