How to Build Your Habit System in an Effective Way

You want to be productive by building a new habit but you never know how to start. You tried to do the tips from YouTube videos, but you still end up being unproductive.

Maybe the way you do it is not the correct one and is not effective for you. 

This is the common reason why you always fail to build your habit system.

I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and started to read a book about productivity and I learned how to start building your habits foundation to make it a habit system.

So keep reading until the end of this blog so you will not miss any important details that many people ignore.

In this blog, you will know:

  • How can you build an effective habit system?
  • How can you continue to do it?
  • My insights and experience in building my habit system.

The common mistake of people who are building habits is to start in the toughest stage of the habit. 

What does it mean?

When you want to have bulky muscles, you want to flex your abs, and your arms, you usually start on the most intense exercise to get the result quickly. 

But it is a mistake and not an effective way to build a system…especially if you are a beginner.

You see, in the book Atomic Habits, it says that people love easier work.

Who will not love to work easier? I think everyone loves it.

And that’s my main point. If you start in the toughest stage of working out to see the results quickly, it could discourage you to continue because you start on a difficult stage.

Start easy exercises for 10 minutes every day. Do it for 1-2 weeks. In the next few weeks, increase the time or the intensity of your exercise session.

In the next few months, you can start lifting weights and do hardcore work out. 

There, you will realize that you are building a habit system without you actually noticing it.

Look, it is not all about the quick result. It is not all about how long you achieve your desired body posture. It is about consistency. And if you are persistent, you will achieve it over time. 

You have now an idea of how to maintain your habit system, but the problem is, you cannot start. You are too lazy to do it.

In that case, you have to make cues that will give you a sign to start the habit that you want to build.

Assume that you want to work out in the morning, but you always forget it.

The solution is, before you sleep at night, put on your shoes or something that will remind you to work out in the morning (e.g your shoes). Put it beside your alarm clock so you will notice it when you wake up.

Set an alarm, and put away your alarm beside your bed. This will prevent you from snoozing the alarm and going back to sleep. 

The time that you turn off the alarm, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Remember that you have to work out. You will feel that you are awake, then start making your bed and wear your shoes.

It is an easy way to start your habit. Remember not to force yourself to do a high-intensity workout to prevent any discouragement.

And finally, to motivate yourself in doing this habit, you have to reward yourself. 

We are all like pets. Do the work and get a reward. It should be the loop of your habit.

This reward will push us to continue what we started. It will serve as your motivation to fully build the habit system that you want.

This kind of system is what I am doing to myself. It is how I start and successfully build my habit system.

When I started exercising this January 2022, I only consumed 10-15 minutes every afternoon. The 15-minute exercise is the longest 15-minute that I had in my life.

Gradually, I started to crave it. I wake up early in the morning, jog for 30 minutes, and another 30 minutes for lifting (DIY) weights. 

The system is satisfying. I only have two days of rest in my weekly session which was three in the previous months.

Building a habit system is tough…but it will start with yourself. Build self-discipline that will serve as the foundation of your habit.

If you skipped once, and you feel discouraged, don’t stop. Taking a break is a must…but never skip twice.

Once you learn how to keep it, it will become automated and you will start to crave this habit.

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