how i started my website as a college student

How I Started My Side Hustle as a Student

Well, call this a business or side hustle, but I am earning money from it.

We started living in a boarding house (house rental) when I started studying at a university and as a business-minded person, I always think of ways to earn money.

I live with other students in this house. There are 6 rooms with 6 people each residing under the same roof.

Before I started this side hustle, I planned my strategy on how I turn it profitable and lessen the transactional fee for my expenses.

And this might not be a secret, but I think my idea is perfect and any other student will not think of it if they do not care about money.

I started this side hustle last year in January 2023 and still going on until now. I’ve been tracking the money in and out for this side hustle and year to date, I have a total revenue of PHP 4,869.47 while having a total expense of PHP 1,381.00. This left me with a total profit of PHP 3,488.47.

This is a complete side hustle that somehow helps me to provide for my needs and take advantage of living far from our house. Although there are some ways to save for expenses, I cannot start doing it due to some qualifications.

I will explain the business model of this side hustle, how can I earn money from it, and where the expenses go on my next blog.

So far, since I have several school expenses, I think I will stop doing this side hustle next school year due to lack of funds. I have to spend all my money and capital to meet my needs.

We have an upcoming OJT this summer and we are eyeing to live in Manila (with my friends) to get a better experience for our OJT.

So much for the story, I am now looking for other ways to earn money that I can do to support my needs as a student. I don’t want to drain my Hive account so I am avoiding spending my investment for now.

I am also trying to save money that I can use for my domain renewal before June 6, 2024, because it will expire by that date.

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