my content creation business idea on hive

My Content Creation Business Idea on Hive

I have been talking a lot about how I plan to build a Hive business. This is a content creation business on top of Hive with a bit mixed of Web 2 promotion with the help of SEO.

As you all know, I have a working WordPress website which I am planning to use for promotion.

This is the idea; I want to create content when I have time to write and it will be based on the niche that I am writing. Since I am in the engineering field, I want to write content related to engineering; the topics would be based on our previous lessons and discussions.

It is my way of reviewing the previous lessons and my refresher with the subject by creating content and earning some rewards from it. I think this is a good idea to share my knowledge when it comes to engineering and the STEM field.

The conflict

When I say business, I want to build a personal brand. I want to be known about this topic, etc. But the main conflict is that I want to grow only one account for my Hive Power. It is hard to grow an account, and this is why I want to focus on building a personal brand and increasing my Hive stake.

The solution

I am thinking of separating my engineering account (to be revealed once up) from my account (anonymosu02). This way, I can categorize the content and focus on one niche. I am using my account as a journal and my second brain. I post random blogs, shit posts, and anything you think of.

But since I want my engineering blogs to be separated, I already have an account that was created long ago, but it is not active and nothing is published yet. I just secured the username.

However, since I mentioned that I want to grow only one account, I will choose to grow my personal account instead of my business account.

This is possible by setting my personal account as the main beneficiary for the rewards from my business account. This means that all rewards will go to my personal account. In return, I will curate content that supports my business account, especially the readers and audience.

Rest assured that I will take note that I will be associated with my business account or just put my username into “authored by” section on the article.

Anyway, this is just a plan, I still don’t know when am I going to start because as of now, I am enjoying writing personal blogs and random blog posts.

And I don’t think I can manage everything. I am just sharing this for you to know about this and ask your opinion about this idea.

Update on my website

I have been worrying about my website since last month because my domain will expire next week and I haven’t renewed it. I gave myself time to think if I should renew it or not, but I made a move last week and still waiting for the result until today about the progress.

I will share an update once done.

For now, if my website is renewed, I am planning to use it to republish my blogs on Hive. It is to repurpose the content and get more reach outside the Hive community.

The main idea is to repurpose my content on Hive to my website (only the quality content) after 7 days of publishing it to Hive, do some SEO on my website, and then link my audience on Hive. The main goal of this is to onboard new users on Hive by using my website as a tool.

The reason behind this is that I am not sure if our blogs on Hive reach audiences outside Hive, and since I have a basic knowledge of SEO, I want to use my website to reach a wider audience.

I will also make sure that I give the full disclaimer that the blogs are originally published on Hive and use my Hive permalinks as a canonical link so it won’t hurt SEO.

Overall, everything is just a plan (yet)It will not work if there will be no actions. But there is one thing for sure, I will do at least one of these plans and monitor the progress of this business.

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4 thoughts on “My Content Creation Business Idea on Hive”

  1. Ezinwanne Okezie

    I think this is a great initiative especially since it’s geared towards onboarding new users on Hive via your website. I’m hopeful it will scale through.
    Good one.


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