My Financial Situation as a Student: Investment, Crypto-Earnings, and Business

I am a financially broke student.

But despite my situation, I am stopping myself from spending my HIVE earnings because I treat this as my investment and business. I had an investment before off-chain where it pays well, I can buy my own things, I can pay my expenses for school, and I never asked for money from my parents.

Today, that investment had a problem and now I am struggling financially. I live in a middle-class family. My father works a normal job and it doesn’t pay well.

My mother has no job, I don’t know how we are surviving in our current situation. My aunt somehow helps us financially and I am grateful for that.

As of now, my main income comes from the Hive community. I write long-form and short-form posts on threads and earn a decent amount of money.

But as I always said, I consider my earnings as an investment, thus, I am not cashing out anything from my account.

I am compounding it so I can benefit more in the future. My main goal right now is to stake more HIVE and increase my Hive Power to increase my vote value and take advantage of curation rewards.

I always monitor my stats on Hive using Hivestats and it helps me to track my progress on-chain. As of now, I am earning about $16.55 from author rewards and $2.14 from curation rewards in the past 30 days.

I have slow progress because I am publishing blogs inconsistently but I am always doing my best to write and show up every time. This is why I love the microblogging feature of InLeo which is the threads. I can write short-form posts and still earn from them. Or at least increase my “social currency”.

So aside from Hive, what is your current side hustle?

I have this little business in our boarding house where I am becoming the third party to send and receive money for my customers. I am getting a little fee from them for my service.

This is a profitable business, but the earnings are just a few but still high when you save them well. I will write more about this in my upcoming blogs!

Overall, I have no investment now aside from HIVE. Having lack of money is killing me as I cannot buy what I want and I always feel that I have limited resources for things.

I know that my parents are doing their best to support our needs but when I am thinking about our current situation, I can’t stop myself from overthinking about it.

Nevertheless, I am always looking for a side hustle to earn money.

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9 thoughts on “My Financial Situation as a Student: Investment, Crypto-Earnings, and Business”

  1. Wao! Your words here so much touched me
    I am glad you have a way to help yourself out of your family situation. That is the Spirit, continuous progress to do the right things.

  2. Don’t just give up! The steps you are taking financially will definitely yield results over time. I salute your courage.

      1. That’s so thoughtful of you. Some people are insensitive to their parent’s struggles and let peer pressure take the better part of them. Keep up this mindset and you’ll definitely soar.

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