How to increase your Hive curation on Hive

Increasing My Hive Curation APR [FAILED]

I mentioned that I am starting to treat Hive as a business. This means being serious and focusing on the statistics on my account. This includes aiming for higher profitability and generating income from author rewards and curation.

One thing that I love is learning more about curation rewards. Even though you only have a few staked HP, you can still earn from it by just upvoting. But the more Hive Power you have, the more you can earn from the curation.

My goal in my account is to grow my Hive Power continuously. After reaching 2,000 HP, my next goal is to reach 2,500 HP before Q3 ends. This is just a small progress but it is better to start with small goals until you reach your main goal.

My current HP is divided into two: 1,000 HP is delegated to the @hivephilippines account to support the community (I am not forced to do this). At the same time, the other half is used for my curation.

For every curation/upvote that I do from this 1,000 HP, I am earning around 0.01-0.02 HP. In total, I am earning around 0.19 HP per day and 1.30 HP per week.

As of writing, I have a 5.81% curation APR. This is much lower compared to my curation APR 2 weeks ago.

Last April 11, 2024, as part of my monitoring my APR, I had a 7.45% curation APR. This is still lower compared to my target which is to have at least 10% curation APR.

I monitored this APR and this was it last week 6.54% APR. I don’t know the reason why it is getting lower each week even though I already have the strategy when curating content.

I also know that the time of the post affects the efficiency of the curation where if the post is more than 24 hours posted and you just upvoted it, it can affect the efficiency of the curation and can affect the curation APR.

More on this in this blog written by adamada: How Hive Curation Rewards Work

It is important to note that my 7.45% APR 2 weeks ago was also influenced by following a curation trail, but then I want to experiment and do manual curation for the next two weeks.

From my experiment, it seems that I am missing something that I do not know. I consider the following before upvoting the content:

  • Time posted
  • Number of current likes
  • Amount of rewards

Since the rewards are distributed between the author and the curators, I am considering the last two from the list.

Overall, considering my current HP, I believe that delegating it to Hive communities is more profitable than curation rewards. I am thinking of delegating some of my HP to @leo.voter and getting a sweet APY from my delegation.

I recently had a conversation with @logen9f from threads where he shared that he has a projected 0.745 LEO daily payout from his 600 HP delegation which is around $0.08 based on LEO’s current price of around $0.08/LEO.

Read our short conversation here:

By doing the math, I believe that I can get more rewards from delegation compared to curation considering that I only have a few HP. This estimation of rewards will continue until I grow my account and take advantage of the higher APY from the delegation.

Soon, when I already reached my main goal, I will invest more in curating content and continue increasing my curation APR. Despite this decision, I will continue experimenting with manual curation and check my curation APR from time to time so I can learn the strategy of curation.

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