Building my second brain on Hive

Why Do You Write on Hive: Building My Second Brain on Hive

Have you heard the word second brain?

Are you familiar with its concept?

The second brain is the place whether digital or physical to store information instead of your literal brain. This concept is popularized by Tiago Forte, who has also a book named Building a Second Brain (not affiliated and sponsored).

Building my second brain on Hive

I somehow like the idea, you can always use different software to store information. Commonly, people who have a second brain use Notion, Evernote, Obsidian, etc. This depends on which type of note-taker you are.

(You can read the book or just search on the internet if you want to know which type of note-taker you are).

But after using all of this, nothing works for me. I don’t feel the need for it, and I don’t feel organized using them. I want to apply the concept when writing my blogs and information that I learned from reading, watching, or even something that pops up in my mind.

Building my second brain on Hive

I read a blog before about a user who uses Hive as their notepad to write their thoughts. It becomes their online diary and journal. I kinda relate it to myself, I want to do the same. Until I read a blog written by @macchiata where she always writes her Brain Dump Morning Musings series.

In her blog, she shared that Hive helped her to remember and document the things that she learned from the past. She learned something, she shared it on Hive, and when the time comes that she needs something again, she will search for it on her blog and then get back the stored information on the blockchain.

Read her blog: How Hive Has Saved Me

This made me ask myself, why do I write on Hive? Well, aside from treating it as a so-like business, I also want to adopt what she is doing. I want to document things on Hive so I can go back into it later.

I think this is a good idea to start journaling and documenting your life. I remember that Ali Abdaal, one of my favorite YouTubers, said that you should document your life, take more photos and videos, and store them into something that you can access later and your future self will thank you.

More creators on Hive share their travels, ideas, and thoughts on the chain. And I think everyone can do the same. Of course, I also treat this as a business. I want to separate the business and personal sides on Hive. But this is just another topic that I might be sharing soon.

As of now, I already have plans, evaluating everything and taking into consideration my schedule.

Overall, this idea of building a second brain – or more likely an online journal will also help me to keep publishing on the platform. I always have goals, but I rarely publish.

I have a lot of pending blogs on my to-do list. I will just need to make a draft and hit the publish button.

Now, what do you think about this idea? Why do you use Hive and how do you use it?

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