5 Best Social Media Tools to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy

Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy: The 5 Best Social Media Tools for Generating Quality Leads

Social media marketing is a strategy of small businesses to build their brand with the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It is an effective strategy to use as many people are using social media daily. According to datareportal, over 4.74 billion of the world’s population are using social media.

But due to this amount of usage, there is also a huge competition in this industry. So, businesses are having their own strategy to take advantage of social media.

One of the best strategies is creating content consistently for their audience that will keep their online presence active.

It is possible by using automation tools wherein you can use all of your social media accounts in one place and more convenient of posting.

5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Get More Leads and Audience

Social Media Tools for Lead Generation

With the progressive movement of technology, many businesses under the tech category developed applications and softwares that will be helpful for business owners to build their online presence. This is possible by using automated social media marketing tools such as the following:

  • Typefully
  • Publer
  • Buffer
  • Tailwind

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Typefully is a platform that you can use if you are starting to build your Twitter followers and improve your engagement.

It allows you to create a Twitter thread that you can schedule and publish on your profile. This is helpful to create a long-form of tweets.

Most social media marketer gurus adviced to tweet at least 1-2 Twitter threads per day and more than 5 normal tweets daily. If you are a Twitter thread guy who want to emphasize more of your thoughts in a long-form, then using Typefully is your best choice.

Typefully Pricing Plan

It offers an affordable yet helpful premium plan if you are taking your Twitter to the next level.

You can choose between $10-49 per month depending on your needs. By purchasing their premium plan, you have a privilege to monitor your Twitter analytics and other offered features.

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Publer is a great automation tool that you can use not only on your Twitter but also in different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

This is an app that let you schedule your post in all of your social media accounts. This means that you can repurpose your content from Twitter to Facebook and vice versa.

My strategy is to post a long-form post on Facebook then tweet the summary on Twitter.

Publer Pricing Plan

You can use Publer for free, but of course it has limitations. If you want to level up your online presence and create content consistently, you can purchase their premium plan that ranges from $12-21 per month.

They are rich in feature and has mobile app that will make your work easier and convenient.


Buffer is an app that allows you to schedule your posts on different social media accounts. This tool helps content creators and small businesses to grow their brand with social media marketing by giving analytics and engagement to their users.

Its ability to schedule posts is a game changer for many creators as they can easily automated their contents for the whole week or month.

Buffer Pricing Plan

Buffer has a different pricing strategy compared to other platforms as it is charging creators depending on the number of social media that you use.

It ranges from $6-399 depending on the size of business that you are in according to Getapp.


They said infographics and graphic designs are more powerful marketing strategies compared to text-based content. If you are a fan of graphic design, then using Tailwind is for you.

It is used by content creators who are using Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategy. In tailwind, you can easily schedule your pins ahead of time in the easiest way.

Tailwind Pricing Plan

It starts at $12.99-39.99 per month which is billed annually. The price range is justifiable enough since Pinterest is one of the most effective social media marketing strategies.


Everyone should know about this, really.

IFTTT is an amazing tool for content creators to cross-post their content across the internet. You can use the same content on Twitter to Facebook, WordPress to Twitter, etc.

There are a lot of options to choose from for social media marketing strategy.

I discovered this app recently and helped me to grow my audience after one week.

IFTTT is short for If This Then That, this means that you can connect any social media platform and then repeat the action to the other one if it will trigger your customized preference.

This platform will be a game changer for every content creator out there. Knowing this is a must.

IFTTT Pricing Plan

It offers the cheapest premium plan that ranges from $2-5 per month. This affordable plan will give you a premium experience that will help you to receive more engagements from your social media accounts.

Bonus Hack About Social Media Marketing

Did you know that there is the best time to publish and post on your social media accounts?

Several marketers analyzed this side of marketing and they found out the best time to post and get more engagement.

My research on this topic helped me to grow my audiences from scratch. You can read more about this hack here: 4 Powerful Platforms That Will Double Your Blog Traffic in 2023.


In conclusion, social media marketing can help you to grow your business. What you need to do is to have the best tool that suits your business. By using these tools, you can automate and level up your marketing strategy.

Finally, learn to analyze the analytics and insights on your accounts for you to know the next step that you need to do.

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