How to Write a Blog That Will Make Your Post Organized

It is kind of difficult to start writing blog if you don’t know how you will write the introduction. It is the common problem for writers, yes, I am experiencing the same.

But during my journey as a writer, I learned a lot of templates and writing styles from different successful writers. I tried it, and it is effective. I learned to organize and make my writing style consistent. It is helpful and easy to do.

By using this technique, I can now organize my blog posts so the readers can easily understand the flow of my blog quickly.

This writing style has no specific name, I learned this from Medium but for some unfortunate reason, I forgot the name of the author, and the original post was deleted and removed.

This is the step-by-step guide on how you can write your blog post in an organized way.

How to Write a Blog That Will Make Your Post Organized

Being organized in writing is very important (to me) – maybe even to other writers. If you have a consistent writing style, the readers will easily understand your post and possibly gain traffic to your website.

Before I write my blog and tap the keys of my keyboard, I make an outline before anything else. This way, I can compile all of my ideas and organize them before writing. 

I have been doing this for a year because I often forget my ideas when I don’t write them. I am also eager to write in an organized way where my readers will enjoy it.

I am making my outline in this sequence:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. The quick solution.
  3. What is the new viewpoint?
  4. Body: Know, Feel, Do.
  5. Conclusion

The outline

The outline is helpful, and it could also increase the reading time of the readers because all of these are connected and related to each other. As they said, put a hook on your content so the readers will continue to read it.

Outline of How to Write a Blog That Will Make Your Post Organized

What is the problem?

At the beginning of your post, you should not be beating around the bush. State the problem that you have to solve. The readers will possibly think, “Oh this is my problem, maybe this blog will help me”. This way, they will find the value of your post that will push them to read it.

As you will notice, I started this article by stating the problem that will be solved after reading the whole post: “It is kind of difficult to start writing…”.

If you are still reading, then it is effective.

The quick solution

After stating the problem, the next paragraph should be the solution. But it is just like the summary of the solution. It could be the stepping stone to how you will solve the problem of the readers.

Here is what I used in my second paragraph: “I learned a lot of templates and writing styles…I tried it, and it is effective”.

It can persuade the readers to continue reading because you said it is effective, tell your story and experience!

What is the new viewpoint?

This could be the overview of the whole post. Commonly, people will use the bullet type to show the outline and summary of the blog, but it’s up to you. The main key point is this will be the overview of your blog.

I used this statement for the overview: “This is the step-by-step guide on how you can write your blog post in an organized way.”

By this, you are giving the readers an idea of what they will learn and how it will be beneficial to them.

The next one is the body of your blog. It is divided into three: know, feel, and do.

Know: What information does the reader need to know?

In the body, you can state the statistics, data, and research that will support your statement. This is like the facts that the readers should know.

It’s not always the data or research, it could be your experience: Is it effective? Does this method help you?

Tell the readers what they will know.

Feel: Which feelings that you want the readers to feel?

Tell the readers what you feel after doing this. Are you happy when you make an outline before you write? Are you sad after knowing that using Medium is not worth it?

Share your experience and what you feel after doing that thing.

Do: Tell why the readers should do the same.

Finally, you can share why the readers should do it. It will be your final persuasion to the readers.

If you are selling a product, you can say: “this product is 100% effective and it helped me to achieve my clear skin dream”

But of course, it should be your honest feeling and experience.


The final outline is the conclusion of your post. Here, you can share the remarkable statements that will tell the readers the whole and sum up your blog post.

Learning about this outline helped me write well-written blogs and articles. I am happy that it made my content organized and consistent with my writing style.

By using this, you can write with complete elements of a blog post where the readers will know and learn everything that they need to know.


Outlining is an effective way to organize your thoughts and ideas. You can use it to produce quality content that will help the readers to learn.

This will also help you not to forget your ideas. Compile all of your thoughts then organize them after writing. By this, you can write with a guide that has a  correct flow and sequence.

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