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Postponing My #LEOGoals and My HIVE Strategy During The Red Market

It seems that the market is now taking a rest from being green and many people will see this as a loss. It could be yes if you are going to look at the USD value but during this season, you must have a good strategy to take advantage of the red market.

It’s been more than a year since I started getting involved in the crypto community and since then, I treated it as my stepping stone when it comes to investing.

Now, I am going all in to HIVE and started investing my time, effort, and money in my Hive account. It is more likely a blogging business, learning the distribution of rewards, taking advantage of the delegation rewards, curation, and trading on its ecosystem. I have my strategy and, in this blog, I am going to share how I am starting to grow my Hive account.

Trading some HIVE/HBD

Aside from HIVE, I am also accumulating HBD and trading it into HIVE during the dip. Recently, I had 100 HBD from my wallet and set a buy order at $0.35/HIVE. I woke up and saw that my order was hit. Unfortunately, the market continued to go down and I think it will go down again in the next coming days (NFA).

So, here’s my strategy, when the market is not going in my favor and always going down, I always power up everything. This way, I won’t have losses from waiting for a long time if the market doesn’t go back on track. I also earn from it from curation and growing my Hive Power a lot faster.

Currently, I have 191 HIVE in my wallet and if the market does not go back to my buying price, I will power up everything on Hive Power Up Day.

Postponing my LEOGoals

Last time, I announced that I was pursuing the accumulation of more LEO tokens and growing my LEO account. But considering the current situation, I am thinking of postponing it for now and focusing more on growing my HP. I don’t want to feel being overwhelmed investing in many tokens, I want to focus more on increasing my HIVE holdings.

But this decision doesn’t mean that I won’t be supporting the LEO community because I am also planning to delegate a decent amount of HP to leo.voter. I found out that we can earn from delegation and receive a good amount of LEO tokens from it and I do think that it will be more profitable for now.

Overall, I am changing my plans:

  • Hit 3,000 HP by the end of the year
  • Delegate 1,000 HP to leo.voter
  • Increase my curation APR

I know that these goals will have slow progress due to a lack of finances, but I think it is always better to try than never. Considering that I do not have another income since my investment outside crypto is now fcked up, it will be slow for me to buy more.

Anyway, this is just a short update from my Hive goals and strategy. Thank you for reading!

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