1 year since i bought my laptop

MSI Thin GF63 Honest Review: My Experience After 1 Year

It’s been a year since I bought my laptop and it still feels new. I bought this laptop last April 10, 2023, and I was shocked that there was a picture memory that popped up on my phone. It was an image of my laptop while I was buying it in the store. I was happy knowing that I bought something useful using my savings and hard-earned money.

I posted a blog last year about it which was published on 23rd of April. I documented my journey of buying the laptop and I would say that “gurus” are right – learn to document your life so you can go back into it in the future (when you need it).

I still feel the same excitement every time I use this, I would say I am proud that I bought something for myself.

Anyway, this blog is just to share my thoughts on why I bought this, how I maximize it, and my honest review.

Maximizing its uses and why I bought it?

I bought this laptop mainly for my academics, I know that I will be using a laptop this school year and I am always grateful to myself that I did. We have a lot of projects that need a laptop such as using AutoCAD for our major subjects and other reporting to our minor subjects.

I used this a lot and I don’t know how can I survive my first semester without this since my course is engineering and we use AutoCAD a lot. If I do not have a laptop, I will need to borrow it from my brother and from our school which is unproductive because I have limited access to it and I cannot do my projects in advance at home.

Another one is I had a plan to buy this due to my writing plans. I always wanted to write and use it as my career at least in Hive and other platforms. However, I wasn’t aware that this school year would become busier to the point that I would choose to take a rest instead of writing because of exhaustion both physically and mentally.

Nevertheless, I had a freelance job months ago where I used this laptop to accomplish the tasks and it allowed me to earn some bucks even though it doesn’t go well between me and my client (well this is another story).

Overall, I maximized the use of my laptop through working and studying, I also used it in my acads a lot so I would say that I do not regret buying a laptop.

My honest review of MSI GF63 Thin

I bought an MSI GF63 Thin unit laptop, if you read my blog about buying this, it was my first time hearing about MSI and I was not familiar with it. After doing some research, it is also a good type of laptop. But for me, this unit is not for you if:

  • You want a long battery life
  • You are not comfortable with the heat of the device

Well, if the main purpose of the laptop that you are planning to buy is for simple tasks in school and work, do not buy this because this is a gaming laptop, and such types are designed to be used while charging.

This has a short battery life so you cannot work and study outside if you are not near to any charging station.

Also, the device heats easily because it has only 1 fan. It is designed like this because of its name “Thin and Light” They reduced the number of fans to minimize the weight.

It affects the performance when it is heated like lagging so I am a bit worried so I bought a laptop stand with a built-in fan to solve my problem.

It is also important to note that some people from the forum that I’m in said that MSI laptops have weak hinges so they break easily, but so far, I have not experienced it after 1 year of usage. Maybe it depends on the user.

Overall, I do not regret buying this laptop as it became helpful to me and just experienced minimal disadvantages after 1 year of using it.

However, I want it to have a long battery life as I always want to work outside without putting any wires on my device.

Now, after reading this blog, would you buy this kind of device?

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