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How to Grow Your Medium Followers Without Publishing (Hacks)

If you are starting your blogging career and don’t know what platform you should use, then Medium is the great pick for you. But you must know how to grow your Medium followers because it is a popular blogging community that pays writers for their content depending on their eligibility criteria. This means that it is quite of competitive space if you are just starting your writing career.

You don’t have to worry about the topic or niche, you can always write freely in the community. There are also a variety of communities and publications inside the platform that you can choose from so you can interact and communicate with like-minded people.

It is a huge community of bloggers, meaning, it is also a competitive space. You will be having a hard time at first but you will learn the secret hack that I have learned along my journey of writing on Medium so you can easily grow your followers without consistent publishing of content.

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Grow your Medium Followers

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One of the most important things on Medium is to grow organic followers. Since views have an impact on your earnings, it is important to focus on people who are following you and consuming your content. However, if you are a beginner, you will be discouraged because you will exert a huge amount of effort into your account before getting a huge amount of followers.

But today, let me share my growth hack on how to grow your Medium followers without writing consistently.

Leave a comment

When you are reading a blog, make sure that you put your insights about what they have written. It gives them feedback about the content that they shared and gives them an idea of what they will do next.

It can also give you a good reputation in the community because you are contributing your ideas on the platform. Furthermore, commenting on other people’s blogs will mark you as a good reader especially if you are always commenting to them.

They may remember you and start following you in return. You can also follow them from the very start and then start taking action by leaving a comment on their blog.

Praise them

By leaving a comment, you can always give your honest feedback and start praising them for their content. Who else doesn’t want t get praised? I think most of us love a compliment. Praising their content makes them feel happy because someone appreciates our content.

As a blogger, it is heartbreaking when no one reads your blog after putting a huge amount of effort into it. So it makes us thankful when we got a compliment.

This technique is mostly used by successful bloggers in the industry and it is giving proven results to grow your followers. It is because when you are giving a compliment, the person can visit you and give you a follow.

Anyway, there is no 100% guarantee that they will visit and follow you, so you should not do this on purpose and just to gain followers. It should be sincere and genuine.

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Create friendship

One thing that most people miss is creating a friendship along the journey. It will not hurt you while you are doing this. It will give you a long-term result and increase your social skills.

Most of the time, new bloggers only think about building followers, but they are missing something about creating a friendship.

Every time I start joining any community, I am always creating a friendship and making myself known by consistently talking to them and building relationships. Once they trust you and always notice you, you can receive a follow from them (if they are also sincere in approaching you).

Mention them

What makes people appreciate and feel special is when they are mentioned in a blog post. This is what other people are doing to gain followers. Are you familiar with these titles? “Top 100 active and amazing creators on Medium” then suddenly you will be mentioned from it.

Who doesn’t want to be called active and amazing, right? Everyone wants it. But don’t you think most of those blogs are just getting your attention so you can follow them? It is just a matter of psychology and marketing.

Never spam

I know that consistency pays, but you have to learn the difference between spamming and consistency. When I scroll on my Twitter account, I only follow people who are:

  1. People with the same interest.
  2. Creators that keep me motivated and inspired.
  3. Friends and colleagues.

If you are a content creator that posts everything minute-by-minute, I will unfollow you. This is because it creates disturbing and spamming posts that are irrelevant and exaggerated. It makes you desperate and only give a negative impact on your followers.

There are a lot of ways to grow your social media and Medium followers. But here are the basics that most people completely ignore without realizing that it is having an impact on their followers.

There is no guarantee that you can gain a lot of followers instantly, there is no such thing as that. But one thing is for sure, there is no real quick scheme in the social media industry. If you want to be known and see your growth, you have to take it slowly and patiently.

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