5 Best Tools for Blogging That You Must Have in 2022

There are beginner bloggers who will ask, “Where and how to start blogging?” and I think the best answer for this is to have the best tools for blogging that every blogger must have especially for beginners.

This will be helpful if you want to pursue blogging and get the most out of it even if you are a beginner.

5 Best Tools for Blogging That You Must Have

Here are the 5 best tools that I use for blogging that make me productive and produce my. blog posts most efficiently.

5 best tools for blogging that you must have


This tool is what most bloggers must have. You can’t deny that even grammarians and English speakers are having mistakes in their grammar. This is why bloggers are using Grammarly to correct the errors on their blogs.

It is easy to use and navigate because it will correct your errors in real-time even while you are writing. I use this on my phone and it has also a mobile version that you can download on PlayStore.

The mobile app is in the form of a keyboard where you have to set it up on your system settings. While you are typing, Grammarly will notify you directly from the keyboard about the errors and you can easily check it right away.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it is not only checking your errors, but it will also check the tone of your blog post if it is informative, neutral, passive, etc.

It has a growth of 30 million daily users in 2020 with more than 10 million downloads on its mobile app.

Google Docs

This tool is the competitor of the popular word processor Microsoft, also known as Microsoft Word. If you compare the two, they almost have the same purpose and usage.

However, a survey shows the usage statistics of the two and Google Docs surpass Microsoft Word when it comes to collaborative work with 78% for the former and 13% for the latter. On the other hand, it shows that Microsoft word has 80% for individual work and 12% for Google Docs.


I use Google Docs mobile app because it is easier to use than Microsoft Word, it also has an auto-save feature that makes it easy and safe to use. However, if you are using a laptop and computer in writing your blogs, you might consider using Microsoft Word as an alternative.

Merriam Webster

Do you want to make your blogs powerful? You can use power words and not-so-jargon words that will help you to drive traffic. This is what most copywriters use.

For example, instead of using “awesome”, you can use “astonishing”. These are powerful words that will make your readers click your blog and read it.

This is how you can use Merriam Webster. It provides a meaning to the words that you want to use including synonyms that you can use to get the attention of the readers.

I use this to enhance my vocabulary and learn new words. 


Blogging is not only about words, it’s also about graphics. That’s the fact. Graphic design helps your blog to gain traffic. It creates a powerful impression that will help you to drive the readers to your blog.

I mainly use Canva for making lead images and thumbnails because it is easy to use and navigate. It also has several features that you can use for free, paying for a premium subscription is optional.

The best thing about Canva is that it gives you free templates depending on what you need either for your blog, book covers, pins, etc. Also, the images and graphics that you can use in Canva are free-to-use images so you don’t have to worry about its licensing.


I just discovered this recently, but so far I’m loving it!

Visme is a feature-rich graphic design tool that will give you an awesome experience in designing your blog images.

I was not making any effort on my graphics before, but Visme motivated me to do it. It has a lot of templates that you can use depending on your choice.

templates on visme

I usually create social graphics in Visme and what I love the most is you can choose between static and dynamic design.

visme folder feature

You can also organize your designs by using the unique folder feature. I use these folders to organize my graphics depending on my niche, you can even change the color for its color coding if you want.

create your brand in visme

Adding your brand to Visme is easy. You can put the URL link of your website and Visme will scan it using the Brand Wizard. After setting up, you can easily create a template for your next graphics that has your logo, color palette, and font choices based on your website’s theme.

content planner in visme about the basics of seo

Finally, the content planner. In a content planner, you can schedule your posts on your social media so they will be posted automatically depending on the date and time that you use.

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Slack and schedule your posts.

Here is an example of my scheduled post. I scheduled a tweet and it is now posted on my account.

You can use the free plan on Visme but there are limitations on the feature that you can use. 

Watch this video for the overview of Visme:


These tools can make your blogging journey easier and near to the word “perfect”. It might sound exaggerated but these tools will help you to become “like a pro” blogger.

Start turning your blogs from beginner to a pro way of writing blogs.

I have mainly used the aforementioned tools since the beginning and they really helped me to improve my blogs.

5 Best Tools for Blogging That You Must Have in 2022

Get the Most Out of Your Blogging Journey

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Visme. This contains affiliate links so I might receive commission when a reader purchases something but it won’t cause any harm to you. Read more on my affiliate disclosure.

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