How To Earn Money From Lifepoints By Answering Surveys

Are you looking for a new way to earn money online? Well, Lifepoints is the answer! Start earning money by answering surveys in a short period of time. I have been using this survey site since November 2021 and I already made a decent amount of money by just answering surveys.

I can make more money from this site, but I always feel lazy answering the surveys – and now I regret it. The surveys are so easy to answer, and you don’t have to worry about your identity. Usually, they will tell you what credential they are taking (excluding your name). I never experienced a survey asking my name, just age and gender which is fine for me.

What is LifePoints?

Lifepoints is a survey site where you will need to answer surveys for companies that conduct online marketing research. It rewards its users by answering these surveys and participating. Every time you answer a survey, you will earn virtual points that can be converted into cash, e-wallet balance, charity donations, etc.

Lifepoints Dashboard

This is what your dashboard looks like. From the dashboard, you will see the available surveys that you can answer including the equivalent points that you will receive after answering them and the estimated time to finish the survey.

Sign up in LifePoints: Lifepoints Registration (not affiliate link)

LifePoints doesn’t offer any affiliate or referral program as of now, but anyone can join their platform and start answering the survey by signing up to their page using their email address, Facebook, or Apple ID.

How to answer a survey in LifePoints?

You have to answer the survey honestly because the questions are given by the companies who are conducting online marketing research. It should be fair to both parties (you and the company) to give the things that they are asking for.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you sample surveys because as a member, we agree not to disclose any information to other people because it might be confidential that can lead to my account suspension.

However, I assure you that you don’t have to overthink the survey because even an elementary student can answer it. But most of the time, 18 years old and above are the ones who are eligible to participate in the survey.

How to earn in LifePoints - 40 points

If you are eligible for the survey, you will see this at the end of the survey. Meaning, you already earned 40 LifePoints by answering the survey. These points can be converted into cash, and the most exciting part is the conversion ratio of the points and cash is lower than other sites or apps (more on this later).

Is there any eligibility in answering the survey?

Yes, there is eligibility in answering the surveys. Since this is marketing research, you cannot be the respondent if the company that conducts the research is related to alcoholic beverages, but you are not drinking alcohol.

Ineligible in Lifepoints Survey

Before answering the survey, there will be questions related to you at first such as your gender and location, then it will automatically redirect if you are eligible in the survey. The secret here is to become honest while answering the survey.

There are also instances where they will know if you are not reading the questions by tracking your previous answers and look if they will match your other answers.

For example, if they asked “Do you eat FOOD 1 and then you answered Yes randomly. The survey can be tricky because it is possible that the question will be repeated later and look if it matches your previous answer. If it doesn’t match, it will be ended and you will only get fewer points than you expected.

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How to withdraw from LifePoints Panel?

If you are still thinking if this is a scam or legit, here is the tutorial on how to withdraw your LifePoints from any other service provider + proof of payment.

How to Withdraw in Lifepoints?

Firstly, you need to click the Redeem button beside your points (please refer to the first image) then the above image will appear. You can choose from the list of reward options you can choose. From my previous experience, I always use PayPal and received the money after 5 working days.

This is one of the receipts that I received from PayPal itself. I also received this money from my Paypal account. Also, please keep in mind that the conversion rate is changing over time. During the early days of 2021, the conversion rate for $5.00 doesn’t exceed 300 Lifepoints, but now it is already 340 Lifepoints. Nevertheless, you still got it for free by just answering simple surveys. It is not bad.

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Lifepoints Gcash Withdrawal
Lifepoints Paypal Withdrawal

You can see the conversion rate beside the cash equivalent. For example, in PayPal, you can withdraw $5.00 for 340 Lifepoints while in Gcash is 260 Lifepoints for Php 200.00.

Bonus Tip

I am not sure if this is working, but I always do this after answering the survey. When I answered a survey successfully, they will be asking you about the survey:

Lifepoints Survey Feedback

I always agree with them so they can still send me surveys like this – which is somehow, honest feedback from myself because most of the surveys are really easy to answer, you only have to be honest while answering them.

I do this because there are users who are not receiving any surveys. And yes, surveys are limited so you have to answer them right away so you can do it first. There are times when there are surveys that are not available anymore after a few hours so I am doing is to answer them when I received an email from them.

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LifePoints is a legit survey site to earn money. If I will compare this to other survey sites, I think this will be my top 1 because of the low conversion rate between Lifepoints and Cash. Also, the surveys are easy to answer and everyone can relate to them.

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