3 best twitter alternatives that pays you money

3 Best Twitter Alternatives That Pays You Money for Free

3 best twitter alternatives that pays you money

Are you spending your time scrolling on Twitter but you are not getting anything? I found these 3 underrated Twitter alternatives that generate money while you are using it.

I am not kidding, I am earning with these platforms without spending money.

The problem with traditional social media such as Facebook and Twitter is that you are paying money to use them. It consumes you. It consumes your pocket.

On the other hand, by using these Twitter alternatives, you are not paying anything, but instead, they are paying you for using their service.

3 Twitter Alternatives That Pay Money

In my previous post about Medium alternatives that pay money, you can earn by writing blogs and articles.

But if you are not a fan of blogging, and you are lazy enough to write longer blogs, then these Twitter alternatives are for you. You can post short posts here about exactly what Twitter is. 


This is a microblogging platform where you can earn Bitcoin cash by posting.

This is the “brother platform” of read.cash launched in December 2020. 

I have been using this platform since the beginning. Since read.cash is older than noise.cash, I was there during the announcement and I could say that I am one of its early users.

twitter alternatives noise.cash user laurenceuuu

Check my account here: Laurenceuuu

During its early days, I have been earning $10 for two days…shocking isn’t it? I think it is the advantage of being an early bird.

It was the time when the rewards were given by giving and receiving “free tips” from other users.

But how do these free tips work?

If you read my blog about Publish0x where you can earn by reading and writing articles, it has the same concept.

You can tip other writers called free tips, and you can get a portion of the tips from 20-80%. 

But unlike Publish0x, you can control how much you will give to the author.

how to give tips in noise.cash

The free tip is from the donor named Marc DeMesel. He is a well-known guy on the platform who always donates and supports the Bitcoin cash community.

noise.cash free tips

You can give these free tips all you want, then you will receive them again depending on your behavior on the platform.

The main rule is not to get too much of the free tip because if you abuse it, you will not receive free tips anymore. I only get 20-30% of the free tips and the 70-80% will go to the author.

But here is the thing, unlike Twitter, noise.cash does not limit the number of characters that you can type so you don’t have to make a thread.

You can also post photos, join channels, etc.

Interested in noise.cash? You can check it on their website.


This is a platform that works under the Hive blockchain. If you are looking for a more Twitter-like platform, then Dbuzz is the right one for you.

twitter alternatives and earn hive

Join in Dbuzz here: anonymous02

In Dbuzz, there is also a character limit on each post, but you can make a thread for longer posts. 

But what I like the most in Dbuzz that is not available on other platforms is that you can format your post. Even Twitter doesn’t have this.

You can format it using the Markdown style, if you are not familiar, I shared simple codes on my e-book about the Hive blockchain.

Here’s the thing, if you have made an account in Hive before, you can sign in using the same credentials on the Hive blockchain. It includes your private keys, active key, etc.

However, unlike noise.cash, Dbuzz limits the earnings to $1. So you can only earn a maximum of $1 for each post. 

The Dbuzz community always has an event where you can receive 10 HIVE as a reward. It is what you should always wait for.


This is the Twitter-like of Publish0x where most of the crypto-enthusiasts connect and interact with each other.

twitter alternatives and earn xtm in torum

Join in Torum: Laurenceuuu

But unlike noise.cash and Dbuzz, Torum has more features. You can stake your assets and earn XTM (Torum’s token) to earn passive income.  

You can post anything on Torum, but the community prefers topics about cryptocurrency and the market.

You can receive gift rewards from other users if you post such nice content. You can also join in their events and win NFTs and other rewards (non-tradable assets).

The only downside of Torum is having a laggy interface on the mobile phone and there are spammers in the community (but it lessens over time).

The other way to earn in Torum is to do the missions. You have 3 daily missions: Login on to the platform, comment and interact with other users, like 5 posts.

missions in torum

If you can do these daily missions for a week (especially the daily login) you will receive rewards in the weekly mission where you will receive 5 XTM.

You can use this guide about how to start and sign up in Torum.

Each mission has its corresponding rewards. So, better to do it daily and add it to your routine so you will not miss any rewards.

As of writing, Torum has a lower value in USD, but last year, it reached more than $1 per token, so it is better to be an early bird.


If you will notice, all of them reward their users with cryptocurrency. I have been using them for a long time and they are all paying until now.

They are easy to use and navigate, it is. better to use this instead of using traditional Web 2.0 platforms. Soon, it could hit people and become a trend, it is better to become an early bird.

I am also using these platforms for content promotion, and I am gaining organic traffic from them.

Nevertheless, the idea of this blog is to give information and not to change your perspective. Invest at your own risk, this is not financial advice.

This post might contain affiliate links. It means I will receive commissions if you signed up using my link. These links will not cause harm to you. Read more on my affiliate disclosure.

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