How to Earn Free Crypto by Reading and Writing in Publish0x

How to Earn Free Crypto by Reading and Writing in Publish0x

Who hates free crypto? I bet most of us love it.

I discovered this website from where we could earn free crypto by reading and writing blog posts. If you love cryptocurrency and you want to earn from it, joining this platform is a must.

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is like and Medium alternative where everyone can earn by sharing their knowledge and expertise about cryptocurrency.

Unlike Medium, most of the content in this platform is about cryptocurrency because it is a community of crypto-enthusiasts.

How to become a writer and earn free crypto in Publish0x?

The signing-up process is easy. First, you have to sign up in Publish0x and create your account. It will require your email and password or you can connect your Facebook and Twitter.

After signing up, you have to submit your application to become a writer on the platform. The application will take days to finish. Then wait for your application to be approved.

Sign up in Publish0x here: Earn free crypto by reading and writing

Submit your application here: Become a Writer in Publish0x

By applying, you will need to provide a link to your sample posts. It could be a general topic blog post or about cryptocurrency, but I would recommend using a blog post about cryptocurrency.

After the account creation and once your application is approved, you can now write and post your blogs in Publish0x.

Blogs vs Post

In the main menu (three lines), you can see “Your Blogs” and “Your Posts/Write a new post”.

This is a bit complicated at first, but you will learn it in one explanation.

In blogs, it is like the category of your posts. For example, when you create a new blog, you have to make a title and a short description of it.

If you want to separate the topics that you are writing, you can do it by using blogs. For example, your blog1 is entitled DeFi,  then blog2 is NFTs, then blog3 is Blockchain Gaming.

Meanwhile, posts are the articles that you are going to write. At the end of your post, you have to choose what blog you are going to use. If you wrote about Axie Infinity, then you can choose blog3 which is your Blockchain Gaming from your blogs.

You can only choose one blog per post. It is a good way to organize your written articles.

How to earn free crypto in Publish0x?

You can earn free crypto by reading and writing in Publish0x. The concept is simple. When you are reading, you can tip the author of the post without spending from your wallet!

Here’s the thing, you can receive a portion of this tip between 20-80% from the pool. And that’s how you earn from reading a blog post!

The best thing is, you have full control over how many portions you are going to give to the author and yourself.

From the photo, you will see that I chose the 50/50 portion and both of us received 0.0019 AMPL.

To avoid the abuse of the rewards, you can tip the same user after 25-30 minutes. But you can still tip other writers.

What free crypto you are going to receive from the rewards?

Publish0x tip ERC-20 tokens specifically Ethereum and Ampleforth. These tipping tokens could be changed depending on their decision. In the past, they gave Basic Attention Token, Statera, etc. 

What if they decided to change the tipping token and you have it on your wallet?

They will convert your token into another token based on the value of your wallet.

The tips are randomly given, you can’t choose if you are going to tip Ethereum or the other token.

Where does free crypto come from?

The money that you will receive is free, so where does it come from? It is from the rewards pool and it is sponsored by the team behind Publish0x.

How to maximize your earnings in Publish0x?

There are several ways to maximize your earnings in Publish0x. You can do the following secrets that I am doing to earn more from the platform.

Join in the contests

Occasionally, Publish0x is running a writing contest inside the platform where you are going to write about the given topic.  

By joining the contests, you have the chance to receive a split of more than $1,000 from the total prize. You can even join their Twitter giveaways where you can win a spit from the $50 pool rewards.

Make friends and interact

In Publish0x, you can make friends and connect with other crypto-enthusiast and discuss the topic that you love. 

By this, there is a chance that they will give you a tip every time you publish an article.

Write quality contents

Quality over quantity, cryptocurrency is a bit complicated, so you should also publish quality content. People in this community are mostly professional. This is not the place to post and run.

How to withdraw your earnings?

First, you should have a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask. The community recommends using it for safety purposes and smooth transactions.

On the other hand, you can use KuCoin for receiving your withdrawal request. By putting your KuCoin ID, they can easily send it to your account.

When you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you can now request a withdrawal for every Sunday at 6:00 PM UTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 if you are using on-chain withdrawal. Meanwhile, if you are going to use KuCoin, you can withdraw it for at least $0.50. 

Sign up in KuCoin: Use KuCoin for trading and receiving rewards in Publish0x.

Convert your local time to UTC: Time Converter

Please follow the withdrawal request time so you will not have a problem with the transaction.

The crypto that you withdraw will appear between Monday and Sunday for the process of your withdrawal.


Publish0x is a huge crypto-community. In fact, you can easily gain 1,000+ views on this platform if you have friends and connections.

You can earn for reading and writing through the tipping pool, and get a portion of the tip from 20-80%.

It is a legit platform to earn free crypto where many crypto-enthusiasts are sharing their knowledge and ideas about cryptocurrency.

This post might contain affiliate links. This means I will receive a commission when you use my link.

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