How to Set Up Ko-fi Button in WordPress (Full Guide)

Your website is not monetized, so you can’t start earning from it. It is a bit discouraging to write and share your works without a reward – unless it is really your passion and willing to work without getting paid. Should you stop writing? Should you give up on your website?

The short answer is NO.

Why stop if you can find another way to earn? This is what I discovered during my stay at Medium

You don’t have to use annoying ads and apply in Google Adsense for monetization, you just need to create an account in Ko-fi and you are good to go.

This is exactly the same as earning from, the only difference is you will not receive cryptocurrency, but you will receive USD from donations.

In this article, you will know:

  • What is Ko-fi?
  • How to set up Ko-fi on your WordPress website?
  • How can you earn from Ko-fi?
  • Why should you start using Ko-fi? 

What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is a platform that you can use to accept donations and receive tips from other creators. 

You can integrate this on your WordPress website so the button will be activated. When a person clicks the button, they will be redirected to your ko-fi page and they can tip you.

How to set up ko-fi in your WordPress Website?

It is easy. First, you have to create a ko-fi account. Optimize it by including your (user)name, photo, description, intro, etc.

Buy me a coffee

Go to your WordPress cPanel, click add a new plugin, and search for the Ko-fi button. You have to click the install button and start activating it. In my case, it is already activated.

Next, go to the Ko-fi settings plugin and start optimizing it.

Do the following (like what’s written on the image).

Input your username, and make sure that it is correct.

Next is the default text. It is what’s written on your button.

The color of the button – I prefer not to change this because its color is calm and pleasant to see.

The title – this what will appear as a title when you added it as a widget on your website footer — including the description.

Do not check the text link only (depends on your preference), but it is more presentable if it is a button. The alignment is left as its default.

Finally, save changes.

This will make it look like on your WordPress website if you put it on your widget.

It is a very simple step-by-step guide on how to set up ko-fi on your website.

But the problem is…

What if you don’t have a website?

Don’t overthink. You can share your Ko-fi page with everyone and it has a “tip button” once they visit it.

Check my Ko-fi page then buy me a coffee.

I am happy after knowing ko-fi. I can’t earn from Medium because my country is not eligible for the Medium Partnership Program. But Biliz Maharjan, a writer from Medium, shared this technique to earn from the platform – indirectly.

The good thing about Ko-fi is they are not taking any fees from donations that you will receive. It also has a lot of features where you can share your works, blog posts, etc…any type of creation is allowed, just make sure to follow their rules.

And not only that, you can offer your products and services to your supporters. 

Do you have any ebook and digital products to sell? You can do it in Ko-fi!

Do you have talent and services to offer? Start selling your service in ko-fi by doing commissions. Why are you going to use other freelancing sites if you can do it in Ko-fi?


Ko-fi is one of the best ways to earn and accept donations from your hard work. It can also serve as your medium to strengthen your bonds with your audiences by giving them satisfying results of your work.

You can sell digital products and services in Ko-fi, it is another way to earn from the platform. It is not all about donations – it is about the quality of your work that will satisfy your supporters.

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