How to Make Money on Your Website With Bitcoin Cash

Start earning money on your website with Bitcoin cash.

You are now writing for years, but you haven’t made any money from your website. So, what now? Maybe you are not monetizing your content.

What is monetization?

According to Investopedia, “Monetize refers to the process of turning a non-revenue-generating item into cash.”

We are not going deeper with this term, but to make it simple, it is how you can make money from your content. 

It can be by advertisement, sponsors, offering subscriptions from your audience, or selling your content.

But we will focus on selling your content or services.

You don’t have to wait to reach the requirements in Google Adsense to receive payment through advertisement. Another thing is that not everyone gets adsense approval.

So, why wait if you can do it anytime? We are not going to use Adsense; we will use a WordPress plugin called

What is

It is a platform where you can monetize your website by accepting payment using Bitcoin cash. 

The good thing is, they have a WordPress plugin so you can integrate it into your website and sell your digital product directly from your website without any fees. 

The payment and transactions are instant. Your money is safe and no money will be frozen, unlike other centralized third-party platforms.

Setting up in your website is easy.

First, you have to create a account and of course, you must have a personal website – which obviously, you can access, manage, and control.

Start adding the plugin on the plugin section from your WordPress dashboard.

Search for “” and it must appear on the list of plugins.

Install and activate the plugin. As you can see from the photo, the button says activate, it is because I activated and installed it already.

After the installation and activation, go to settings and set up your account. The plugin will ask for your Public token and Secret token. You can get your API from your account. (or just simply click the attached link).

You must see this on your screen. Copy and paste the Public and Secret token on your WordPress dashboard. Then save the changes.

Take note that you also need to set up your wallet on your account. You can create a new wallet or just import an existing wallet by providing your xpub.

That’s it! You set up your plugin on your website.

But how can you make money from it?

You can make money with it by using their amazing shortcodes. By using the shortcodes, the plugin will activate a button on your website.

This button will serve as your tipping or donation button. Generous readers will reward you if they like your content, so make and write quality content.

But here’s the kicker! Are you familiar with Only Coins and Onlyfans? With those adult platforms, fans are paying for blurry images to make them clearer.

And offers this feature. By simply using another short code, you can activate it.

They also have a hidden content feature. You can hide the content and when the readers pay for it, the content will automatically appear.

Here is the cheat sheet for the shortcodes in

By using the features of, you can easily monetize your content by accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment on your website.

You will receive the payment instantly and no freezing your money when you pay a huge amount.

In starting your website, you can earn money from it even if you don’t apply for Google Adsense and without starting affiliate marketing.

You can do this especially if your contents are more on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin cash. In that situation, you have the chance to sell your digital products and add them to your revenue.

What if the reader is not familiar with cryptocurrency? Well, they can still tip you with this tool.

You can try how works here:

This is the sample hidden feature. You can pay $0.10 and you will receive 5 + 1 FREE Minimalist and Aesthetic Wallpapers.

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