The Secret to Make Your Stay on Medium Worth It

We tend to look for different communities where we can earn money, I found Medium. Reading stories of other writers from Medium made me excited. They are earning hundred and thousand of dollars per month, but you have to be eligible on their criteria to participate in the Medium Partnership Program.

I was excited until I learned that my country is not eligible for the Medium Partnership Program – Philippines. It made me unmotivated and discouraged to write and publish my stories on Medium…but I turned my perspective from negative to positive.

I love reading stories from Medium, it has a big community. Even professional writers are writing on that platform. You see, during my stay in the community, I manage to connect and interact with other writers.

I learned that some of them are also not eligible for the Medium Partnership Program, and yet, they still stay in the community. In fact, they have a lot of followers.

People like Prince Bright and Biliz Maharjan are one of them…but they are popular. I love their stories about how they became successful because of Medium, and how it helped them in their career. They became a motivation to stay on the platform.

Is staying on Medium worth it?
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Maybe you are reading this because we have the same dilemma, then let me share why I am going to stay in the community even without getting paid.

Look, to participate in Medium Partnership Program and start earning money, you have to pass the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 100 followers
  • Have published at least one story.
  • Must live in the eligible countries.

I was done on the first two but found out that my country is not listed as an eligible country.

At first, I was disappointed by the result. I waited for a long time to reach the other criteria, but it did not pay off.

But gradually, I learned that Medium is not only about money. After reading stories of other writers, I tried to do the same – and hopefully, it can help me in the future.

In Medium, you can share your stories. You can write your blogs and articles. It can serve as your online portfolio.

Share your written works on your social media. There is a chance that people might read it and then hire you – if you are a good writer.

I read several stories with the same scenario. They publish their work, and post it on social media with professional people (e.g LinkedIn) then others will hire them, and now you’ve got a client.

By sharing and showing your work on Medium, it will offer you big opportunities and possibilities to earn money from your clients.

It is a big community, you can get a lot of audiences if you are consistent. And if you gain the trust of your followers, they will support you throughout.

Recently, I released my first e-book about Hive blockchain. I got this idea from Medium. By selling your e-book, you can receive a payment from your followers if they will buy it.   

I published my e-book for free, but you can pay for it if you want. To my surprise, someone sent me a payment. Thanks to @beststart for the support.

You see, all of this is an opportunity. It can even help the writers to earn indirectly. I continue to publish my stories on Medium, I like the community and I am learning from it.

It is a known community, it will also help you to drive more traffic from your website if the readers love your works. 

So, the best thing to do with Medium is create your brand, share your stories,  interact with other writers, and use it to create an opportunity.

So, if you are planning to leave Medium, always remember that Medium is not only about money, it’s all about opportunity.

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