3 Best Medium Alternatives That Really Pays You Money

3 Best Medium Alternatives That Really Pays You Money

I know that most of the writers have tried to use and sign up to Medium to do these two things; 1. Do their writing passion, and 2. Earn money. But what if you are not eligible in Medium Partnership Program? What will be your Medium alternatives?

I had the same motivation and reason why I joined Medium. I interacted and talked with other writers on Medium to gain 100 followers, but unfortunately, I found out that my country is not eligible in Medium Partnership Program.

It was frustrating until I found these 3 Medium alternatives that really pay. I am glad that I found it. I even earn more money than Medium beginner writers.

How Are These 3 Medium Alternatives Different?

Unlike Medium, you will earn cryptocurrency with these Medium alternatives. 

Is that a scam? 

Of course not!

I made a lot of money with these 3 platforms and got a withdrawal from all of them.


This platform pays cryptocurrency called Bitcoin cash. You can write any topic you want whether it is a fictional story, your experiences, a journal, etc.

There are several bloggers on this platform and there are no eligibility criteria to earn money. Also, anyone in the world can write and share their ideas in read.cash.

The best part is that you can withdraw your hard-earned money anytime. There is no minimum withdrawal limit even if it is just a cent. You can withdraw your earned crypto using an online wallet that has Bitcoin cash.

However, unlike Medium where they pay based on your reading time, read.cash pays using an AI called TheRandomRewarder. It is a robot that randomly gives rewards to the users.

During my early days, I earned between $10-$25 per blog post but because of market volatility, the platform lowered the rewards to reserve the fund and make the platform run for the longer term.

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I shared the full guide and the things that you can do to earn more and get the most out of this platform in this post.


If you want diversified and more opportunities not only in blogging, Hive is a place that you must visit.

There are several communities in Hive (this is like publications in Medium) where each community has a focus topic. If you are a multi-niche writer, you can write and publish your work in different communities and get more rewards if curators noticed your work.

In Hive, you will earn money when someone upvotes your post (this is like “like or clap” on Medium). These upvotes have value, the more staked Hive of the upvoters the more money you will receive.

There is a huge potential for earning more money on this platform especially if you have connections. Take a look at this post that earned $137.40 in a single post.

On the other hand, Hive is a bit complicated on other platforms because it is a Web 3.0 and decentralized blogging platform. There are complex things that you will encounter during your first days.

There are times that you can’t perform any activity (publish, comment, upvote, etc) because you lack of resource credits.

This is why I made this ebook that will give you the information that you should know as a beginner before doing anything on Hive – even publishing.

Get this ebook for FREE: How to: Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide)


This place is full of crypto-enthusiasts. Unlike Hive and read.cash, this platform focuses on cryptocurrency topics. So, if your niche is anything related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain, etc., Publish0x is the right place for you.

Publish0x pays ERC-20 tokens that come from the tipping pool. The concept of this is that you can earn by reading and writing the articles of other writers.

This is possible by giving you a portion of the reward. For example, you can reward the author 80% of the rewards then the other 20% will go to your wallet – you won’t spend anything to tip other writers because the tips are from the tipping pool provided by the team behind Publish0x.

What I have noticed in this platform is that you will earn more if you have a lot of connections and friends. It is because they are the ones that will tip your published articles – and if you don’t have friends, you have a lesser exposure compared to popular writers.

The best thing about Publish0x is they are running a writing contest once in a while and everyone can join and participate. This way, you are having a chance to earn a split from the rewards pool and budget of the contest which is usually $1500.

Take a look on my article where I had 889 views and earned $10.19 for joining a contest.


All of these platforms are paying cryptocurrency. You will receive your rewards using a wallet; custodial and non-custodial wallet.

You can earn more money with these platforms compared to Medium if you are going to focus on giving value and making friends in the community. The best part is that they are all available in all countries, so everyone can earn from it.

You don’t have to increase your reading time because each of them has a unique way of giving and receiving rewards – reading time does not affect your potential earnings.

If you want more detailed information on each platform, you can read my previous posts where I shared the secret ways to earn more, the first thing that you need to do if you are a beginner, and the dos and don’ts on each platform.

I also use these platforms to double the traffic on my website. I even got 30,000+ impressions from one post.

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