How to Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide)

This is a new milestone for me as a writer, releasing my first e-book: How to Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide) will provide basic knowledge to readers who want to enter the Hive blockchain.

Introducing, How to: Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide). This e-book will give the basics of Hive that most users should read before diving into the Hive blockchain.

Overview: How to Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide)

Get a copy of How to: Write and Earn on Hive (Beginner’s Guide)

Hive is a bit complicated compared to other writing platforms including the writing format, the reward distribution, etc.

When I started diving into the community, I had a hard time processing everything. My brain digested the information slowly which made me a bit discouraged in my first week.

I don’t like new users to feel the same. Hence, I am releasing this guide that will be helpful for beginners.

After reading this e-book, you must learn:

  • How to write on Hive?
  • How does the rewards distribution work?
  • How not to get banned on the platform?
  • Recommended communities to join as a beginner.


How to create a Hive account?

Unlike other platforms where you only need to provide your email and password…or maybe connect your Google account, Hive is kind of different.

Your account will have different and unique keys that will serve as your password. Better to keep them if you want to secure your account.

The Basics of Hive

I am receiving messages about Hive, especially its terminologies:

  • Hive
  • Hive Power (HP)
  • Hive dollar (HP)
  • Resource credits

Many new users are confused about this – even me when I was new to Hive. Thus I am sharing their differences and their purpose in this e-book.

How to Write on Hive

I assume that most of the writers are using several platforms to cross-post their blogs. And one way to do it quickly is to copy the whole content and paste it to another platform – if an export content feature is not available.

Unfortunately, this will not work in Hive if your content has a lot of formatting. In Hive, they are using another way of writing style.

How to earn money on Hive?

They also have a unique way of payment. Unlike other platforms where you will receive one type of currency ( e.g Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, US dollar), Hive has three options to receive your earnings.

How does rewards distribution work?

Did you know that you will not receive 100% of your received upvotes and rewards?

Yes, it is the plot twist of Hive rewards distribution.

How to withdraw your earnings?

There is no huge difference here if you write on other crypto-blogging platforms. 

But there are things that you have to consider, maybe you will ask can I withdraw Hive? Can I withdraw Hive power? Can I withdraw Hive dollars?

I answered these frequently asked questions in the e-book.

The Bottomline

Despite being different from other platforms, I love being “in” in the community. It offers a huge opportunity for everyone to show their talent.

They are not only a blogging platform. You can post your video content, share your short posts like Twitter, show your photography like Instagram, play-to-earn games, move-to-earn projects, etc.

I believe that Hive will stay longer in the crypto-verse because of its mechanism (not financial advice). The people behind this project are smart and dedicated to it.

And since it works on blockchain, it is understandable that it is a bit complicated…but you will learn how it works over time. 

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  1. Thanks bro! I really appreciated this work of yours. To write and compile everything we must know especially for us, new comers on Hive.

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