digital marketing mistakes that you need to avoid

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid for your next campaign

Are you tired of creating content but never getting any traffic? Maybe you are making these digital marketing mistakes that are killing your readers!

Over two years of experience, there are things that I realized and learned as a digital marketer. Avoiding these digital marketing mistakes helped me grow my social media engagements.

Why is it important to learn from these mistakes?

Increasing the number of your engagement is essential as a content creator. It will determine your influence and revenue.

Thus, it is necessary to avoid the following digital marketing mistakes and make your profile outstanding from other creators.

Here are the following digital marketing mistakes that you must avoid:

  • Avoid over promotion
  • No concrete plan
  • Not being consistent
  • Not specifying your niche

Avoid over promotion

I know marketing is to have sales by promoting and advertising, but marketing is not all about promoting yourself and your content.

The main objective is to create a connection with your audience, provide and give value to them, then have sales.

This is one of the common mistakes of marketers, either a beginner or people in the industry.

It makes your audience turn off your content and social media presence because it will look spam if you consistently share links with many hashtags.

No concrete plan and strategy

This is not new. Everything needs a plan and strategy to succeed, whether in your life, work, or business.

Digital marketing needs a concrete plan and strategy. This is why you need to have a lot of research about your target audience to know their needs and wants.

After having some research, it’s the start of planning and creating a powerful strategy that suits your market.

Not being consistent

Being a creator means being consistent with your work. If you watch or read every content creator’s advice, you will notice that consistency is always their very first tip.

If you are not consistent with your work, the chance of being successful is low. So better to start working and grinding in your ass.

Not specifying your niche

Started to work and pursue being a content creator? Then you must know your niche as soon as your start. People who have yet to specify their niche can make slower progress.


If you have a reader who loves your content about finance, they might visit your other blogs expecting they will read the same unique financial category.

But since you don’t know your niche, you write about everything and just a random topic. Your readers might be disappointed by this and will not follow you.


Living as a content creator is difficult. You must always strive hard, start from being small, and avoid instant gratification.

Success is always long-term, so you have to be patient. It would be best if you learned many things before becoming successful.

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