Why You Should Use This as a Content Creator is an automation tool that you can use for digital marketing. You can easily schedule your posts and tweet that you want for the whole day and the platform will post it automatically. You can do this by setting up and connecting your workspace into your social media accounts.

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This tool will bring your marketing campaign to the next level and continue your traffic and growth by consistently posting and engaging to your followers.

What can you do with The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool for Content Creators

Social Media Scheduling

It is very important for a content creator to consistently engage and connect with his followers, this is why posting on their social media account should be consistent and updated.

A 1 to 2 tweets per day is okay, but if you are a total beginner, you have to be more active depending on the social media account that you use.

For example, if you are focusing on growing your Twitter followers, then tweeting for 1-5 tweets per day is a must. It is based on Hootsuite. Meanwhile, if you are using Facebook, you can post from 1-3 posts per day just to stay active.

Social media: Sample analytics overview in

The reason is that the number of users per social media is different from each other where Twitter is receiving billions of tweets per day which makes it more competitive space in content promotion and engaging with your followers.

Social media scheduling is a must because there are also correct time and date on when should you post your content. Marketers usually look into the stats and analytics and compare them to analyze the most effective date and time to post your content.

By using Publer, you can easily do it without experiencing any issues.

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AI Assist

One thing that makes Publer the best scheduling tool is their newly launched AI assist that is not available in any competitors. This makes them stand out from the crowd and makes me use this tool more frequently.

With the help of AI assist that is built-in on Publer’s platform, you can now use it as an instrument for your next marketing campaign. You can tell the AI to “Create a tagline about digital marketing company” and the AI will give you the best tagline with correct and proper hashtags.

Not only that, you can also use their AI image assist where you will only need to tell the AI the description of the image and it will create an image for you, for example I wrote: “mutant dog, cat, and bird with wings” and here’s what I’ve got:

Check my Tweet: Mutant Dog, Cat, and Bird with Wings.

This feature is cool because it can help your business and brand to gain public exposure and effectively engage with your followers using AI.

Direct editing on Canva

What makes it easier for is that you can now connect your Canva account and design your images directly to the website. This feature saves me a lot of time going to canvas website > edit and design> save > attach the image.

Instead, I can only go to > Canva > design > done.

You see, graphic design is a crucial part of your marketing campaign. You should also focus not only on text and caption but also on the images and designs this makes your post more engaging and captivating. In, they make it easier for you by connecting your Canva account to your Workspace so you can easily edit and design your graphics then it right away!

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Is helpful for Virtual Assistant?

Definitely yes! Not only with virtual assistants but also with other content creators who want to grow their followers. Many businesses are also using this tool as their marketing and scheduling tool because of its features, minimal and simple design, and friendly user interface.

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Conclusion is a must-tool if you are starting to build your business and personal brand. This will help you to stay the engagement between you and your audiences with the help of its features which are not yet available on other platforms.

I have been using this tool for months and I am now gaining traffic to my social media accounts that made me reach over 5,000 profile views per day. It always amazes me to use this platform, start now and become part of community for FREE. cover banner for Facebook

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