How to Make Money From This Crypto-Blogging Site (Full Guide)

Several online blogging communities on the internet will pay you money, but they are not for everyone. 

Most of them have eligibility criteria before you earn money on the platform – and the unfortunate people are not paid for their hard work.

But I have good news.

I found a blogging platform that pays cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin cash. 

I have been writing in this community for almost two years and I already made $1,000+ as a student through writing.

This is another source of income by doing your writing passion.

What is is a crypto-blogging platform with 95,161 users and counting. This community accepts any topic, even your personal blog, travel blogs, technical writing, etc. 

How to create an account and start blogging?

Creating an account is easy, just sign up and click register in on the upper right corner of your screen (three lines). Please provide the correct email and choose the best username because you will not be able to edit it later.

Upon signing up, they will give you a combination of 12 random words. It is called the seed phrase.

The seed phrase is like the key to your wallet. So make sure to keep it safe because anyone who has it can access your wallet and control your funds.

đź’ˇMake sure to save your seed phrase because you will need this every time you log in. Choose import instead of creating a new one when you are logging in so you will not lose your funds.

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What wallet should I use?

There are several wallets that you can use such as Trust wallet, SafePal, etc. But I use the app that you can download in PlayStore.

The reason why I use this is you can integrate it into your account so the earnings that you will receive will directly go to your wallet.

This app is also smooth and has fast transactions compared to other wallets. The transaction and earnings will go to your wallet in real-time.

How to import your wallet?

After saving your seed phrase, copy all of it then go to app.

In your wallet, click the Add/Import.

Click Import wallet (Color Blue).

Then paste your 12-word recovery phrase (seed phrase). Make sure that they are all correct, then click Import BCH wallet.

And you are done. There are instances when your balance will not reflect immediately.

So you have to scan for the missing transactions.

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How to write an article?

Now that you are all set, it’s time to write your first blog and article.

In your account, click the 3 lines in the upper right corner, then click Write an article.

Then you can now write in a simple and minimalist interface of

Make sure to add your title. You can also put the topics of your blog, it is like the tags of your content.

There are also several communities to join. If you are writing about cryptocurrency, then you can submit your blog to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community.

Just choose and join the community that is related to your content so your submission will be accepted.

On the lead image – this is your thumbnail. make sure that it is a copyrights-free and free-to-use image. You can also use your image for your thumbnail and other images.

How does the payment work?

Unlike other communities where you can earn through ad revenue, reading time, and views. This platform is different because it pays Bitcoin cash via AI. 

The robot is called TheRandomRewarder.

From the name itself, this robot is randomly giving rewards to the users on the platform. 

During the bull market, I have been receiving massive rewards from this robot ranging from $10-$25 per blog post. 

But during the bear market, it only pays fewer than before if you look at its USD value. But the BCH value is almost the same.

đź’ˇMake sure not to publish more than 2 blog posts per day because the robot can detect it and consider you as spamming and plagiarizing.

How to withdraw your money?

The platform is legit. You can withdraw your earnings and convert them to cash by using centralized exchanges that are available in your country.

You can use Binance or KuCoin in trading your earnings for cash.

You can trade your Bitcoin cash into stable coins like USDT and USDC and then transfer it using peer-to-peer transactions.

Important reminders

The platform is very strict when it comes to spam. People will be flagged as spam automatically when the robot detects it.

Usually, the people who are flagged as spam are having a hard time bringing back their accounts from normal. When your account is flagged as a spam account, every comment that you make on the platform will not appear in the notifications of other users. It is also possible that you will not earn any more.

It is also not recommended to have two accounts with the same IP because if your account had interaction with your another account, it can be considered as abusing the platform.

Why is your account flagged as spam?:

  • Commenting very short and unrelated comments on someone’s post such as “good morning, nice post, very good post”.
  • Commenting quickly on different posts (a sign that you are not reading, just commenting unrelated comments).
  • Posting more than 2 blog posts per day. It is ideal if you will post one blog only a day. The reason is, that robot will think that you are copying and plagiarizing content from the internet.
  • You receive downvotes from other users.
  • Plagiarizing content. The robot has a built-in plagiarism checker, so it can detect posts that are plagiarized. The downside is when you re-publish your blog from another platform to, your blog is still prone to be flagged as plagiarized.

Conclusion is a good platform to share your passion, talent, and ideas while earning money.

Everyone can write, no matter what age you are. There are several student writers on this platform – including me that are earning money while writing. 

The thing is, you will not only earn, but you will also learn in this community. In fact, I learned how to invest and manage my finances on this platform.

Always remember that it is not all about the money that you earn, it is about the community and the friendship that you will gain.

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